Skillfully Mixing Matching Watch Designs With The Watch

The are a duo of collier ras de cou tuto actual watch designers from Hong Kong who have done something artistically interesting and worth talking about. What they do is use their Photoshop and design skills to merge various watch models they like to form hybrid designs which range from cool and desirable to really weird and achat collier ras de cou noir signification bracelet personnalisé thought provoking. I interviewed them bracelet personnalisé belgique in order to share a bracelet personnalisé evenement bit about yet another mysterious set of personalities on the often anonymous world that is social media and because what they are doing is particularly neat. I will bracelet personnalise enfant refer to them as and For not bracelet personnalisé poeme actually being brothers, these two talented bracelet personnalisé plaqué or guys have a lot in common ranging from both being trained industrial product designers to working for the same watch design company. Given the nature of the industry, they prefer to keep their identities (as bracelet personnalisé prénom bébé well as their employer) confidential for now. According to them, the watches they design (which go into production) typically retail for a couple hundred dollars to about US $1,000.

The tagline on collier ras de cou bijoux brigitte their collier ras de cou daim Instragram page pretty much says it all, but their process and goals are worth exploring since they aren that obvious. The duo seeks to explore if the watch brand mixed, and that is more or less what they do. Currently, they only have 60 images or so on their page, but each is an interesting work unto itself. The various watches and other designs collier ras de cou plastique noir they come up with typically combine 2 3 popular watches and seek to come up with something new. You see bracelet personnalisé ancre a lot of repeating themes such as use of elements from brands like Rolex creation collier ras de cou (they really love Rolex bezels), but bracelet personnalisé voyage this isn because they are being lazy. In fact, the use of repeated visual elements is done intentionally, and for a few reasons.

What I think people should stop and consider is what elements they are choosing and how those elements make certain watch designs more distinctive than others. You might ask yourself what makes a Rolex idée cadeau bracelet personnalisé so identifiable, but not really be able to come up with an answer bracelet personnalisé chaine outside of, perhaps, bracelet swarovski slake name. Well, a good answer according the work of the Watch_Brotherss is bracelet personnalisé magasin clearly the rotating bezel. bracelet personnalisé avec lettre cube One reason for the popularity of fakes coming from bracelet personnalisé a faire soi meme China isn just economic, but rather cultural. The notion that someone can copy something else perfectly is actually rather valued. In this sense, jollia bracelet personnalisé many watch designs from China, Hong Kong, and Japan in particular often look like hybrids between popular looks in high end European watches. To Westerners, this doesn always look great, but my understanding is that there is a lot of artistic and creative merit in these parts of Asia not just in coming up with original designs, but also original curation and merging of existing design elements from around the world. I saying this as a way of explaining one possible reason why the duo was drawn to this type of artistic expression.

Even though L and J bulk their work together, you can easily tell their individual work as each design thus far is produced by only one of them. When they aren designing watches, L is an avid cyclist (uphill riding) and designs his own riding jerseys. J hobby is leather goods, and he acheter bracelet personnalisé produces wallets and other items he likes for the satisfaction of completing something tangible all by himself. They also have different watch tastes and design preferences. When you look at their Instagram, you can tell L work because the symbol on his pictures is squared in bracelet personnalisé 5 prenom the signature, while J symbol is more traditionally round…