To iOS or Not To iOS

Though the app domain is ruled by just two platforms taille bracelet homme standard iOS and Android app entrepreneurs still find it confusing when it comes to deciding the best bracelet homme tomhope platform to launch their app.

Partly because developing an app for both the operating systems, initially, at least, calls for loads of investment in terms of budget nouveau coreen luxe creux brillant colore cystal doux papillon boucles doreilles 925 en argent and time.

First, you need to figure out the target market for your app. If your app is meant for Europe and North American audience, it’s better to go the iOS way. bracelet homme turquoise veritable And, if Asia and Africa are on your radar, then Android should be the ideal choice. The point is that your platform choice should mostly depend on the geography and demographics you are planning to target for your app.

Second is the design pattern In other words, the ‘design elements of both platforms differ.’ For instance, iOS obsesses over flatter design style, while Android focuses more on hierarchy. So, fixing the design pattern will help you recruit the cinily mystic zircon argent plaque en gros vente chaude mode bijoux pour femmes boucles doreilles right bunch of designers and developers. Yes, bracelet homme fossil galerie lafayette you need to hire separate teams for developing apps for both platforms, and that means you need deeper pockets.

Third is the paid/unpaid factor. If you plan to launch a paid app, then be prepared to marshal all your bracelet homme cuir fossil pas cher mind, money and materials toward developing an iOS app first. It’s because the iOS users tend to spend more on apps than Android users.

Long story short, it’s bracelet homme beige better to prioritize one platform at the outset that both the platforms while launching your first version of your app.

Be it Instagram, WhatsApp, Hailo or Angry Birds all these apps had launched their bracelet homme art deco iOS versions first and went bracelet homme ancre de marine the extra mile to make it hugely popular on the iOS platform before tackling the challenges of Android bracelet homme retour de plage platform, head on.

More to the point, bracelet homme en cuir bleu it’s important to focus on a single platform first mainly because of the complexities involved in each platform. In 925 argent sterling lettre c zircon perle boucles doreille goujon elegant luxueux texture francais other words, you can’t simply re package the code of iOS to boucles doreilles en pierre opale de feu classique cinily argent plaque lys blanc et bleu oiseau Android and launch the app on Google Play.

It’s because users are used to a certain style and standards while using their favorite platforms, so you need to adhere to those standards, if you really intend to win over them, be it the Android or iOS platform.

What happens to an app when you simply repackage it and launch it on yet another platform

You will have to face user wrath left, mode nouveau geometrique creux boucles doreilles argent et or pendentif boucle doreille pour femme right and centre.

Hailo the Taxi app received user flak when it launched its Android version simply by repackaging its super bracelet homme cuir oxbow successful iOS version.

It so happened that Hailo the Taxi Service App was super successful on the iOS platform. Confident that they had a winner app in their hands, the owners launched the Android version in a hurry burry, simply by repackaging the iOS version. Not surprisingly, the app received lukewarm reviews on Google Play.

Concerned, Hailo’s designer Dave Clements was roped to make amends. Clements, after spending days and nights Androidifying the app, relaunched the app on Google Play. As expected, the app once again made it to the popularity charts and even received boutique paris bracelet homme rave reviews from Google’s then CEO Eric Schmidt.

Star Million Dollar Apps that took iOS Platform as their springboard bracelet homme acier personnalisé before Androidifying their Apps

WhatsApp was launched on iOS first. There were two rock solid reasons that made the app owners Jan Koum and Brian Acton go for the iOS version first. One, the owners disliked intrusive ads. Second, they wanted to develop a paid app.

Only an iPhone user can match these criteria.

In other words, it’s a tuto bracelet homme cuir known fact that iPhone users’ dislike ads and more importantly, spend more on premium apps than Android users almost 2.7 times more than Android users. WhatsApp made a paid app charging $0.99 from users once, for downloading the app and, in return, offered free messaging service forever.

The business model worked well so much so that Whatsapp raked in huge money out of its paid iOS app, prompting them to launch an Android version of it.

As expected, the app didn’t find favor among the Android users because of photo bracelet homme the paid thing. Realizing that Android users would maintain their status quo when it comes to paying for an app, however good it bracelet homme rock chic was, Whatsapp eventually gave in and made the app free for Android users.

Sure enough, the app download rates skyrocketed on Android too. However, the iPhone users still paid $0.99 to download the app. And the best part is they don’t mind it.

Ravio released Angry collier bracelet homme fashion Birds exclusively for iPhone first in December 2009. Both free versions and premium versions were launched. As you know motre bracelet homme today, the iOS app was a huge success and its Android version was launched a year later. By December 2010, the app had achieved 42 million downloads, of which 12 million were paid and on iOS.

The Agony of Androidifying your App

As you know, your app needs to be tested on smartphones that are gonna run it, before you could think of derniere mode bijoux accessoire 925 en argent sterling boucles doreilles pour les filles meilleurs launching it.

If you talk about iPhone, you need to test your app only for two screen sizes that is, the iPhone and iPad. And the biggest plus, Apple manufactures both these devices, which means fewer headaches for the iPhone app developers…